Davey’s Savior

Davey’s Savior
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by Timothy Savage

Avila Beach. Peaceful, relaxed, hidden along the Pacific. Where tourists ebb and flow, and locals keep to themselves. The perfect place for a wanted man to hide in plain sight.

But when a spectacle appears on the beach one morning, some see it as just the attraction Avila needs, setting their sights on off-season profits. Others see it a miracle from above, a sign from God. But four-year-old Davey — in hiding with his fugitive father — sees it with wonder, wanting only to explore.

As eyes and cameras converge, Davey is unaware of the threat they pose to himself, to his father, and to his very life. After years in hiding, will a miracle expose two people who cannot afford to be found? And who will be Davey’s Savior?

What Readers Say:

“What a great story! I love the ideas that made it what it is, and loved how they all came together at the story’s climax. A moving book, with a moving ending… satisfying and entertaining!”

“I really enjoyed it. It hooked me in from the get-go, and your pace and plot are great. It makes me consider the nature of faith, and what it means to have a genuine faith.”

“It’s rare to find a story that gives equal credence to belief and nonbelief. Just as each character sees things a little bit differently, ‘Davey’s Savior’ will mean something different to each reader. Great for book clubs, or for those who want a beach read with depth.”

“With any work of art, the emotional connection is what bonds the audience to the work. On that level, ‘Davey’s Savior’ succeeds. I was moved emotionally, and I put it down with a warm feeling at the end.”

“It was a great read!”

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