Newsletters clients want to read.

When it comes to keeping in touch with your customers or clients, newsletters can be a powerful tool. Whether it’s a simple single page or a more elaborate link-powered e-mail message, newsletters can serve as the front line of contact for your business. They’re something tangible you place in your customers’ hands as often as you like.

But that hasn’t stopped people from doing newsletters wrong. They’ll design something meant to look good but populate it with poorly written filler. They’ll use it as a catch-all for memos or announcements. They’ll focus entirely on the rules of grammar, and make it sound stilted. Or — worst of all — they’ll give their newsletter no thought whatsoever.

My philosophy about business newsletters is simple: Make it a newsletter that your customers want to read.

I take a journalistic approach to newsletter creation, utilizing your own expertise in your business to create content that’s informative, motivating, and compelling. I tell stories about the people and products of your business, and do it in a way that makes your customers or clients look forward to every new issue. Best of all, my newsletters are designed with return-on-investment in mind. It’s not just a way to keep in touch; your newsletter should be a way to bring in new business.

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HealthConnect, for FUSD JHMB E-mail newsletter, for the Fresno County Democratic Party Focus 360, for Regency Investment Advisors

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